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The History of Improvitecture!

Improvitecture was created in the great city of Chicago by one Thaddeus Charles Winterbottom III in 1417. A former carnival barker, cattle wrangler and amateur astrologist, whose father invented sideburns and what we now know as "the jitterbug", Winterbottom's true passion was in telling stories.

After a failed attempt of writing books aimed at common household pets, he opened up a small stand on Canal Street to give tours of the city in his own words. More often than not these words were outright lies, or simply places where he liked to eat lunch. At the time, it cost a mere button for a tour, but after he realized that buttons weren't actual forms of currency, he changed it to a 3 cent piece or 3 pennies glued together.

Sadly, in 1671, a cow spontaneously exploded causing what is now known as The Great Chicago Fire and decimated the once proud city. Penniless and half mad, Mr. Winterbottom III wandered the streets of Chicago rambling to whoever would listen. Usually people would give him change out of pity, but after a few years, people started following him around to listen to his amusing falsifications of surrounding buildings and Chicago history.

In 1909, a waxed pressing was made called "Improvitecture: Architectural Folklore of Chicago", that attempted to capture the charming incoherent musings of the tour. It made a modest sum and let him upgrade his shoes to new cardboard boxes.

On his deathbed he made his son William promise to continue the business he founded, and seeing as the boy had little to no education, he agreed and continued the family tradition throughout the early 20th century. However by the 1970's, with the rise of disco and hot pants, Improvitecture was all but forgotten.

Until now...