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Adam Katz

Originally hailing from places closer to the ocean, Adam came to Chicago last century. While here, he has learned to eat glorious food, make up things that can't possibly be true, and how to fly a jet pack. His history of the city will in no way be related to facts, but will definitely amuse.

Cynthia Bangert

Cynthia Bangert is a Chicago native, thus learning the art of falsification at an early age. She has a penchant for dark chocolate truffles, house fires, sesame street, being a hero, the game battleship, addictions, her noble pup Toby and living the dream. Chicago! You are here! Maybe. Unless you are online in another place.

Grant Cordes

Deciding to take advantage of his boyish looks and ability to compulsively lie, Grant has been making up stories through the avenue of improvisational comedy for over six years. When not performing, Grant is usually seen listening to filthy rap music, feeding his coffee addiction, and/or watching Jeopardy. He is allergic to cucumbers, whatever is in the air in May, and people who refer to a stomach as a "tummy."

Jessica Landis

Jessica has a history of making up stories that has led her across this great country and occasionally into others. She loves traveling, travelers, nerds, and this city of Chicago. She firmly agrees with Alan Moore that artists use lies to tell the truth. Also, she knows where to get the best creme brulee. Welcome to Chicago!

Phil Biedron

Phil was born on the South Side of Chicago. He is one of five children (to survive) and now stomps his grounds here. The banjo-slinging comedian tours the Midwest and knows Chicago like the back of his hand. A knack for working in hospitality, if you are from out of town and staying at the Hostelling International Chicago, you probably will run into this fine gentleman.

Robbie Bersano

Robbie Bersano is a graduate from Illinois State University's Acting Program and a current "working" actor in Chicago. A native of Joliet, home of one of the Blues Brothers and a famous prison... well, technically, the prison is in a small town next to Joliet... and Robbie is technically from another small town outside of Joliet... and most people don't even know where Joliet is let alone his little town... anyways... Robbie enjoys acting, writing, playing guitar and pondering quantum mechanics in his spare time.

Steven Aleck

Steven Aleck is a comedian and filmmaker from Arizona. After studying classical clarinet at the University of Arizona, he moved to Chicago to attend Columbia College's Comedy Studies program. He's been a performer and writer in Chicago ever since. He is currently a graduate student at DePaul University's College of Interactive Media so he has some pretty serious unpaid student loans. Please tip him.